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The Carshalton Beeches Residents Association (CBRA) web site is intended to keep residents aware of local news and developments, and to provide a forum for discussion. We love to hear from our residents, so contact your local district representative, who is a member of the executive committee. Contact telephone numbers and addresses are published in the Newsletter, and in the Contacts page.

Your committee hopes that the site will be of interest and comments are welcome. Updates are made on regularly, so please don't visit just once.


The Association Newsletter is normally published twice a year Spring & Autumn). If you have an article that you would like to share, please contact any member of the executive committee.


Newsletter and Subscriptions

The Spring Newsletter was distributed in April/May and the Autumn one during October/early November, and usually the Newsletter is accompanied by a request for your subscription, still £3. This year to avoid possible infection either to our distributors or to you, our members, we did not collect subscription in the Spring, and we will deliver the Autumn newsletter with an envelope for the return of your subscription to a given address. Our records will enable us to determine who wishes to remain a member.


CBRA Good Neighbour WhatsApp Group

This group is proving to be very helpful in many ways assisting our members and others in adjacent areas to offer and receive help and also to make donations of materials and time. If you wish to join, contact Alison Hudson with your address and mobile number. You will need to load the WhatsApp app onto your mobile phone to participate. If we had all our members email addresses, the news about the parking consultation and this group would have been easily advised very quickly.


Email Addresses
Please note that we are still collecting members email addresses so that, for those who "opt in", email advice can be supplied concerning planning applications and other important local news that may affect them (see item above). All that you need do, is to email Ken Moser whose email address is on the Contacts and Area page of this web site. Please note that the no direct link is given (to minimise spam to him). Should you "opt in", please supply name and ADDRESS. Should you change your email address, it will be helpful if you would advise him. 

Your email details will not be offered to any third party, under any circumstances, and the data is regularly backed up off line.

Parking Consultation

Following the LBS consultation over parking controls on areas adjacent to our residents association area, no changes are to occur in our area or those immediately adjacent. It was disappointing that so few residents replied to the consultation, and only about 10% of Sutton residents of the areas involved have participated. The survey ran for a couple of months to 20 February.


Planning Applications

Did you know that the planning office usually only advise immediate neighbours, and not necessarily those whose garden may back onto the proposed developent site, or who are more than approx 30 yards away. Email addresses!


AGM 2019

The AGM was held, once again, at the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders and started at 7:30pm on Thursday 28th November. The AGM minutes for the meeting are here and include a download link for the chair's report.   


Speed Cameras

Hate them, or suffer them? Surrey County Council have converted the speed cameras on the A217 between the M25 and Banstead to averaging ones. Have a look at this article,as there are a lot of cameras, even apparently between roundabouts! Getsurrey online

The A3 northbound from the M25 towards Tolworth also has a number of these cameras installed, so the days for "boy racers" are numbered.

In addition, the cameras along the Ewell bypass are now averaging, so be warned. And there are lots of them there, so if you accelerate to pass someone, for say 100 yards, you're caught!



Dropped kerbs: (ie your vehicle access onto the road) it is an offence to park overlapping a dropped kerb without the householder's permission at any time. If it occurs on your driveway call Indigo (the LBS contractor) on 020 8661 0096 to have a fine issued (ticket). They will check with you on arrival and before issuing a ticket. Alternatively you can place a notice on the offending vehicle asking the driver to take more care.

You can give permission to park on or adjacent to the dropped kerb in front of your property, but on an individual basis.

Fraud & Scams! Visit The Met Police web site, and search for Fraud or Scams. The page address changes from time to time, so no direct link. Our Fraud and Scams page provides some possibly useful information.


Seaton House & Planning Application - UPDATE

The school management were unable or refused to reach a resolution on the terms of a new lease for the Carshalton Beeches Bowling Club, and the Clubbwas obliged to take court action. Subsequently the school authorities made an alternative offer of mediation. No agreement could be reached on a acceptable mediator, so the action returned to the courts. A court direction hearing was deferred to September 2019 and the judge referred the hearing to the London Law Courts as the hearing would exceed the time allowed at Croydon, and discarded some of the schools' witness statement as immaterial. The court action was in February over 3 days, and unfortunately the judgement was in favour of  the school. Following discussions between the club executive and the school, costs were avoided but the club had to vacate by 12 April - Easter Day. Hardly Christian! 

The Bowls Club was formed on the site in 1929 and has been a continuously resident ever since. Originally the site included a pavillion, tennis court, swimming pool, and a croquet green, all provided by the original developer for the use of the local residents, unfortunately not covenanted. In the 1960s, the Club was offered the site but regrettably at the time it was not considered financially viable. Miss Henry, the headteacher of the school, (which then was smaller and in 67 Banstead Road South only) purchased the site.

Despite Seaton House school building a new clubhouse for Carshalton Beeches Bowls Club, and completing the shell, no further work was carried out to make it usable. 

Planning applications, when granted, must be commenced within 3 years of the application approval date so the planning application approving the rebuild of the school building has passed its final date for starting.


The police call it Theft: from vehicle - don't leave anything valuable in your vehicle. In particular, don't leave belongings in your vehicle on display.


Burglary: The usual precautions apply (locking windows and all exit doors prior to going out), and more information on securing your property can be obtained by contacting the police station of 8649 1212 and asking for the Crime Prevention Officer.
The CPO usually advises not to lock internal doors (other than to a garage), as once in, criminals will smash them to gain further access.


Local Policing

Do you know what your Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) priorites are? Have a look on the Links page to find out - they aren't listed here as they may change following Ward meetings. Do you know who your SNT are? Photos, contact information and contact information etc on the MPS page linked from our Sutton Safer Neighbourhoods link
Note that currently we bridge 2 SNT areas, Sunnymede Ave, Vincent Ave, Fairway and the top (south west) end of Banstead Road South are all currently in Belmont ward and the remainder of our area is in Carshalton South & Clockhouse.
Contacting the police: 999 for urgent access - report a crime in progress, or other emergency, 101 for non-emergency calls. You can also call the individual ward SNT - see links page for link to the relevant MPS page.


Computing Advice
Perhaps unsolicited - but relevant if you have (youngish) children - Other News page.

Helicopters and Noise

The CAA completed a consultation on aircraft noise in January 2018. The link to access the survey was at:


If you have had concerns about the noise they make and the height at which they fly (and it should be a minimum of 500 feet from the nearest object - roof, tower, mast etc), but at an altitude of 300 metres. 

The CAA address for complaints about height and noise is as follows:

and for some obscure reason, I needed to copy this link and paste it into my browser address bar, if you click it, it may take you somewhere other than the correct page!
It is helpful if you can furnish photographs (although it is accepted that having a camera to hand when one flies over is not easy) and also other people who you can cite as witnesses. An alternative is to use the application Flightradar24 to identify the offending aircraft. Ths app is available as a free or paid for version on both Android and Apple mobile phone platforms.
Please use the links above and lets resolve the problem of noisy low flying helicopters. Please let Ken Moser know if you receive a sensible and informative response (or none!).


Revised Sutton Local Plan

Sutton have posted the Local Plan on their website here and the consultation ran for several months, but is now complete.

They state that the land West of Wellfield Gardens has been removed from the plan, so no development is proposed on it.


£8m was expended in the purchase of the site for the new school on the site of Sutton Hospital. The school will be a 6FE (form of entry) school and may cause traffic congestion, as well as being very out of keeping with the neighbourhood, as can be seen already. The proposed finishes are modern, and below is the latest iteration of the plans.

The CBRA is a contributing member of the local Neighbourhood Forum, and with which the council will be obliged to consult when it is formally registered, but which, disappointingly, has had little influence on the final design. The only alteration made was to reduce the height adjacent to Chiltern Road from 3 stories to an offset 3 stories. However the overall height will effectively be 5 stories, 4 stories plus plant on the roof. As such, it will dwarf an adjacent 3 storey building (Darwin House) and all the nearby residential properties. See the files below, there are 3, NS3update3.pdf, NS3_02-06-16.pdf and Public_Meeting_4_Final_Slides.pdf. The final cost is expected to be £40m, and the Education Finance Act will see SOME of this offset by the Government, but probably not all. It is appears likely that probably 60-70% of the build cost might be recouped (none of the site purchase, although planning costs might be refunded), although those councillors in favour of the site disputed this. It seems that all of us will pay for this despite a lack of support from those who attended the consultation events. It is however, undeniable, that 2 new secondary schools are needed in the borough in the next 2-4 years.

At every consultation attended it was apparent that the councils architects had made up their mind about the plans, and very little changed from inception to completion. A personal opinion, typical of the current council, compare with the consultation over libraries, waste collections. More information on the school and Suttons plans for schools is available from LBS here.


The planning application for the new school can be found here and by entering planning application ID: B2016/76164

Latest Update 7/16
Adobe Acrobat document [511.1 KB]
School on Sutton Hospital Site
Large file, 5.8Mbyte
Adobe Acrobat document [5.7 MB]

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If there is anything you feel should be added to the site please advise any member of the  Executive Committee - or by direct contact to Ken Moser - who maintains the web site.

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