Data Protection and the General Data Protection Directive

Code of Conduct – Personal Data


Only members of the executive committee will have access to the accumulated email address list of CBRA members compiled and held by Ken Moser, who will be known as the data controller.


The email data will not be shared in any way with third parties.


The data controller will hold only email addresses and home addresses of those who requested addition to the list.


Any request for an email address or a limited list of email addresses of members will need to be approved by the executive committee.


The email data will only be used to communicate matters that may be of local interest to the recipient(s) and will never include commercial advertising. This can include events in our immediate area and/or information about planning applications that might affect them.


The data will be regularly backed up to ensure its security, and held separately from the source computer.


Should any CBRA member wish their data to be removed from the accumulated data, the data controller will comply within 3 days if practicable. The data controller will advise the individual requesting such amendment when the task is complete.

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