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Planning Applications
The planning officer (identified as Case Officer) reviews planning applications with reference to the Sutton Local Plan.

The Sutton Local Plan is a strategic document which forms the basis for all development within the borough, and identifies planning direction for the next 15 years. It is a  detailed document forming a specification describing development in the various areas of the borough. A key factor with respect to the CBRA area is that some of Carshalton Beeches, together with some of South Sutton and part of South Cheam is designated as a Special Policy Area (SPA).
There are other designations within the Borough, eg Conservation Area, Area of Special Local Character (Pine Walk). The objective of the designation is to retain the character of the area which is described as low density development, predominately detached houses situated in large plots with mature landscape.
A policy statement included in the current plan states "The council will expect new developments in the SPAs to respect and where possible enhance the character and appearance of the area, in terms of its built form, the retention of existing mature trees and new landscaping forming part of the development". Back garden is precluded, Policy 13 states "the council considers it appropriate to maintain its existing policy against back garden land development".


Subsequent Consideration

·        Undue loss of privacy
·        Loss of daylight/sunlight
·        Effect on trees
·        Access or traffic problems
·        Need for car parking
·        Unacceptable or incompatible noise
·        Fumes
·        Storage of hazardous substances
·        Excessive height of buildings inappropriate design / layout
·        Inadequate landscaping/means of enclosure



There are three routes by which you can object (or support) to a planning application, by letter to the appropriate planning (case) officer, email to the planning (case) officer, or on-line.
If you write a letter it must be addressed to the case officer at Development Services Offices, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton SM5 2JG.
Email with your objection/support.
If you decide to comment (object or support) find the appropriate application at this page or this page for a simpler search. Search for the application either by its ID or address, or post code, or some other identification that will limit your search. This page accesses many planning applications (this page along with the previous site) since about 1980, so the definition is important. Once found, it is possible to comment on the application. Click that and you can Support or Object. Read the page carefully, so that no errors are made.

You need to hold a login identity in order to lodge an objection or supporting statement on-line. This is normally available within an hour or two, or possibly overnight, after registering. This registration is separate from any other LBS registration you may hold.
The number of objections has a significant influence particularly if all are different. If identical objections are received, they count as one. A small number of objections will be considered by the case officer, however if there are more than ten objections it is taken as an indication of strong feeling in the area and the case will be put before the planning committee, who are all elected councillors.
Further guidance on the planning process is available on the LBS website here


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