Association History

This is a short article for the benefit of new residents to Carshalton Beeches to explain why the Residents Association is important and also a reminder to existing residents not to take the current low level of ‘issues’ for granted.


History – a group of residents formed the first committee in November 1973 in response to a speculative developer’s highly undesirable planning application to build houses in the back gardens of a block of houses in Pine Walk. Fortunately the application was defeated, but only just and greatly helped by one heroic resident’s refusal to sell the bottom half of their garden at any price.

We mustn’t drop our guard especially as the price of land rises inexorably in our area. Over extending an existing property is always a risk particularly where the parties involved are unfamiliar with the special character of the area.

In the wider context, the objectives of the Residents Association are set out in its Constitution and are as follows:-
a) To promote and enhance the local residential interests of all residents.
b) To help preserve the semi-rural character of the area.
c) To monitor and where necessary take an active interest in all traffic, planning and other proposals which could adversely impact the environment of the area and draw them to the attention of residents who could be affected.
d) To stimulate interest in local affairs and provide opportunities for residents to make known their views in regard to them.

In essence therefore, the whole purpose of the Residents Association is to preserve the unique character of the area we are so fortunate to live in.  Where change is unavoidable then we want to make sure that the voice of residents is heard and taken seriously by the local council and any other relevant authorities. The Residents Association provide these public bodies with that all important contact point and they do listen when rational views are expressed in a constructive way.

Your support and your annual £3 subscription payable with the Spring Newsletter help to keep the Residents Association viable and relevant. And please be kind to your Road Steward who is only a volunteer and a neighbour as he or she attempts to collect subscriptions and deliver the biannual newsletter.

Enjoy living here, we all do and most importantly don’t take it for granted.


The streets included in the CBRA area as shown in the map below are as follows:-

Sunnymede Avenue, Vincent Avenue, Fairway, Southway, Pine Walk, Pine Crescent, West Way, West Drive, Oakhurst Rise, The Warren, Beeches Walk, Wellfield Gardens, Harbury Road, Fullerton Road, Ingleton Road, Radcliffe Gardens, Staplehurst Road cottages and substantial sections of Banstead Road, Banstead Road South and Woodmansterne Road.

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